Campagne : Enfant des rues

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Campagne : enfant des rues

Thanks to your donations, give a truly useful present to a child.

This year, make a difference and choose solidarity!

40 euros

A roof and food for a child during a year.

75 euros

Medical expenses, psychological care and school training for a child.

15 euros

Funding of the mobile rescue team for one year.


You can also make a transfer directly from your bank account :

BE28 7323 3319 1920



About 25,000 children are left to fend for themselves in the streets of Kinshasa.

They have fled domestic violence or have been abandoned. They are often very young. They have no home, no family, no access to health care or education. This situation has worsened over the past year, but we are not giving up.

In six years, we have already managed to reintegrate 1,162 street children in Kinshasa.

With your help, we can do so much more!


To get them off the streets permanently, Louvain Coopération:


  • Rescues: a mobile team travels the streets of the city to help the children.
  • Welcomes: children are cared for, housed and fed in a centre.
  • Listens: the children meet with psychologists and educators.
  • (Re)educates: after a refresher course, the children return to school while the older ones are trained in a trade.
  • Reunites: sometimes a mediation process between the child and his/her family is set up, as well as a follow-up after the return to the family.
Jolie et ses enfants
Jolie, 29 years old, gave birth to 7 children in the street.
For Sarah, Jolie's daughter, history is repeating itself.

19 years in the hell
of the street

Jolie's nightmare started when she was 9 years old. Age at which she is confronted with the hell of the street.

For 19 years, this little girl will become a woman in the street. Rape, assault, prostitution and insecurity were part of her daily life during all these years.

"I got pregnant for the first time at the age of 13 as a result of a rape. Over the years, other children followed, from different fathers, always on the street. Today, my eldest daughter Sarah is 14 years old and 5 months pregnant as a result of rape. History is repeating itself."


Hope for the future

Thanks to the association ORPER (local partner of Louvain Coopération), Jolie received training in setting up and running a microenterprise as well as a microcredit.

Today, Jolie lives in a house and runs a small restaurant to provide for her family.

Jolie et son restaurant
Jolie runs a small restaurant to feed her family.